Aya: My Story

I am not cheating on anyone. I am always true to my promises... I turned the phrase over and over in my head. What could it mean? Maybe he was cheating on someone. He didn't look it, though. His face seemed open and honest. I wanted to study it closely, see what he was thinking, but for some reason I just couldn't. 

Then I remembered that we were meant to be sharing our past. I looked up and saw four faces staring intently at me. Minus Fern, who was still staring off into space, obviously thinking about something.

I took a deep breath. I loved the feeling of air rushing into my lungs. "Well... I was born in the sea, so I grew up in a mermaid community, if you could call it that. I really only lived with my parents, and a nanny, who was so old that she could hardly swim a foot, let alone chase after me when I was running away from her. I was isolated, and lived in seclusion. I had no idea that the land above the sea even existed. The only people I knew until now were my parents and my nanny. When I turned sixteen, which is today, my over-protective parents finally allowed me to go up above water for the first time, and see the land above it. 

They were silly, though. They made me go with my nanny, but that was all. They should have known that it was a perfect chance for me to escape. Though I'm pretty sure my parents didn't even know that I was sick of their constant pestering and over-protectiveness. They were too busy shutting out the rest of the world for me to notice that there was something wrong. They never noticed how I felt. All they thought about was themselves, and how they could get me to become just like them."

I looked around at my new friend's faces. What were they thinking? That I was some kind of weirdo with parents who didn't care about their own daughter? I allowed myself a bitter smile. It was true: my parents didn't actually care for their own daughter. After a few seconds, I decided I should continue, instead of wallowing in my own grief.

"All through my life I had to live with secrets and mysteries. For example; why were my parents so protective of me? And why is my element ether? Usually ether-wielding merfolk are strong and muscly. What about me? I'm tiny and stick-thin. How can I be an ether-wielder?" I sighed. "That was a secret my parents never revealed to me."

I looked down at the sandy floor. I should probably tell them how I got here. "Anyway, I got here because I was running away. As soon as my nanny and I broke the surface of the water I broke free of her grasp and swam for it. My nanny couldn't catch me, and I soon was out of her view. I soon came to a sandy shore, with dry sand on it. It was there that I saw Fern, and looked into the future to see this scene. The scene of six mermaids sitting in a circle, talking."

I looked back up, expecting to see everyone with a look of disgust on their faces. After all, someone who ran away from their parents must be a pretty shady and heartless character.

The End

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