Cindy: A quick reflect on the past

"Okay." I said as everyone got comfy. Denver came and sat next to me looking slightly pleased with himself."well. I was born on the fifth of may in the bath tub of my house.

"As soon as I was born I changed. My mums gran had been a mermaid so she knew what was happening. I first found my power, to control the air, when I was five. It was really windy so I had gone out to play with my kite. It blew away so I used my power to bring it back. Luckily only mum and Marina were there.

"My mum knows Marina and her parents so me and Marina have been friends for quite some time. We found this cove and have been coming here for forever.

"My mum enrolled me at school as she wants me to be able to live a human life as well as a mermaid. I have a younger sister who is pure human. I don't know my father as he left when I was born. I live with my mum, step father and sister."

Once I finished I looked around at everyone who just sat.

"Aquward much?" I asked them. "who's next? How about Fern Why have you got braids and she doesn't? Are you cheating on someone?" I asked as my curiosity got the better of me.

The End

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