Owen: How Many More Are There?

I heard Denver start whispering to the green-tailed girl…I think her name was Cindy…almost as soon as I started explaining our story. It annoyed me especially when she started whispering back but I kept on talking because maybe they would catch some of it, and it would probably embarrass both of them if I were to just stop and stare at them. 

So instead I just kept talking. Eventually they were so engrossed with talking to each other that I just stopped talking completely and just started looking off into the lake, they didn’t even realize. I was about to leave and find somewhere else to get some kind of dinner…the other girl had very annoyingly taken the dinner I had just spent hours catching and released it…when I saw a group of two other mermaids, well one mermaid and one merman actually, swimming toward us. So many merpeople in one place!

How had we all managed to not notice each other for so long? That was strange! Well, maybe they liked land better and stayed up there most of the time, that would explain that although I couldn’t understand why they would like land better, the landlings were so strange.I waited for the new people to arrive before exclaiming “More new people! This is getting to be quite a day!”

At that Cindy and Denver turned to look. They were astonished to see the two others there. I gave Denver a dirty look when he looked at me in surprise, he should have been a little more observant than that, he was already completely besotted with the new mermaid girl…Cindy. “So who are you two?” I asked the newcomers.

“Well I’m Fern and this is…Aya,” the merman replied.

He had strange silver hair, and why was his braided and hers not? That didn’t make sense! They were alone together…I decided to let it slide and think about it another time.

“Well, my name is Owen, and the guy with the funny-looking face over there is Denver.”

“Hey!” Denver cut in, “You got a problem with my face?”

I just grinned at him and continued, “And I believe that the young lady over there is Cindy.”

Just as I finished the annoying girl who stole my dinner came back, looking very pleased with herself I might add, and gasped at the new comers. She glanced shyly over at us then swam up next to Cindy. “So…anyone wanna play poker?” Denver asked, breaking the awkward silence. Everyone burst into laughter. 

The End

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