Aya: Peace of Mind

Through weary eyes I watched the merman changing into his natural form. The way most mermaids did it, it seemed painful to even watch, but he did it gracefully, as if he was a piece of cloth falling into its natural position. I watched, fascinated, until his voice brought me back to Earth again.

"Come on, let's go."

I nodded instinctively -- used to agreeing to my parents' every command. "Okay. Where are we going?"

"To that cove over there. Are you strong enough?"

The concern in his voice was unfamiliar, no one had ever been concerned of my well being before. I didn't know how to react, so I put on a blank face and nodded. I hoped he didn't think that I didn't care.

The merman started gliding through the water, and I followed him. The feeling of cool water against my skin was enough to wake me up fully. I felt invigorated and peaceful, as if I had not a care in the world. The after-effects of my time traveling had worn off by now, and I could think clearly again.

I stopped suddenly, alarmed. "Why are you taking me to the cove?" I tried to make my voice as flat as possible, but a hint of panic still showed through. Why did I trust this merman so much? I had only trusted him before because I was in a daze, but now, I realized that not all merfolk were trustable people.

I saw a confused look come over his face for a few seconds, but it soon disappeared, replaced with knowing. Ah, he's using his elemental powers, I thought briefly, then realized that he probably was reading my chain of emotions before. This person was dangerous, whoever he is.

"I know what you're thinking -" Fern said, and at that part I frowned, "- and I just want to tell you that it's alright."

I still wasn't sure whether to trust this merman who read minds yet, so I decided to find out. "How can you prove it?" I asked challengingly.

The merman thought for a while, then pointed to a large rock  beside us. "We'll swim to there, and I'll explain everything."

I nodded; fair enough. As soon as my fingers felt the rough surface of the rock, I demanded to know the explanation for everything.

The merman settled himself down on the rock and began.

The End

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