Cindy: Me?

"Gosh. your beautiful" I widened my eyes a touch as I heard Denver whisper that. I looked behind me half expecting that Marina had come back. But no he was looking straight at me.

I felt myself blush.

"Thanks. I think." I wispered back at him. I examined him as Owen continued with his story. I wasn't even listening to him.

He has short curly Dark brown hair. His eyes are a darker green from mine and his tail is the sapphire blue of the sea. His torso is firm and mucsley. I could tell, from the faint ripple of muscles as he held himself in place, that he gained them from swimming.

"You're not so bad yourself" I murmer quietly. By the faint smile that passes across his full red lips, I know he heard me and appreciates it.

" and then I found Denver when I was 15. We became good friends. Dud you know he comes to school here? I don't as I always come back to the sea and school is quite a bore." Owen hadn't figured that we were nit listening to him. He seemed quite happy to keep talking though so I stared up half listening and half thinking about Denvers body. Then I blinked as I saw something move.

From up above us, were two people. Owen noticed and stared around at the two of us in fear. Then we realize what it is...

Two more mermaids. A male and a female. The female with a purple fin and the male with what looked like black.

"Awsome!" Denver exclaims looking up as they both slowly travel down.

The End

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