Denver: "You're Beautiful."

I laugh as the girl, Marina?, swims away with our fish. Then, "So. Story time?" I hear from the other girl, I think her name is Cindy. Owen looks and me and shrugs. Great. I'm always the story teller. I sigh and turn to Condy, flashing her a blinding, chick-magnet smile.

"Cindy, babe." I say, checking her reaction. She rolls her eyes. Great, looks like I can't use my usual approach. So I'll have to use my unusual one. I drop my smile and narrow my eyes at her, grunting.

"You want a story?" I ask. "Here's a story. We're mermen. What else is there to say!" I exclaim, throwing my hands up in frustration. Agian, the eye rolling. I turn to Owen. "Help me out, bud." Owen nods and starts our story, much better then I could've told it.

Without meaning to, I turn to get a better look at Cindy. The sun is glinting of of her wet hair, giving it a pretty, shiny look. Her eyes are the green of the deep ocean, and her tail looks as if it came from the sea its self, (which it did, in a way..) And suddenly, as much to my surprise as hers, I hear myself whisper,

"Gosh, you're beautiful."

The End

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