Fern: Purple

Shock constricted my throat and robbed me of my breath when a sudden rush of emotions hit me like a tsunami wave; bitterness, sadness, surprise, nervousness and fatigue proceeded one another, each stronger than the last, this crescendo fueled by the feelings of urgency and despair. 

Unprepared for such an unexpected intrusion, I let out a gasp, leaning forward while my hand shot up to clutch the fabric over my accelerating heart. 

Blinking away the haze that had set over my eyes, I lifted my head up just in time to see something steering up the dark waters at the exact same spot I had been staring at not a moment ago. A bright shadow seemed to rise up from the murky depths, the shape growing larger and clearer as it neared the shore where I stood.

Imagine my surprise when a girl’s head and a girl’s body broke through the water’s surface, purple eyes locking into mine as they stared at me from under dripping eyelashes. A flicker of emotion flashed by her features before those unnatural eyes rolled over.

That was the only warning I got before the body in front of me tipped over to the side and dropped to the sea water underneath with a very loud, not to mention painful looking, splash. 

For about a full minute, I spoke and did nothing. I just stood there like the biggest idiot on both land and sea, staring on at the empty space where black pupils and purple iris had caught mine. But then, the gears in my head kicked into action once more and I was suddenly able to move. And move I did.

I quickly ran up to the girl, feet splashing in the water as I stopped next to her. Not caring about getting my clothes wet, I knelt down beside the motionless body, slipping an arm under the girl’s head to lift it out of the water. Purple locks of hair brushed the pale cheeks at the movement. I tucked them over her ear so I could place the palm of my hand over the side of her face.

The light up and down movement of her chest showed me that she was still breathing but that wasn’t enough to comfort my racing heart. It never occurred me to question the girl’s odd looks or where she had come from. My only concern, then, was her health.

Come on, wake up. Please, tell me that you’re okay, I chanted this over and over, patting her cheeks. When that didn’t work, I splashed water on her face. That got me somewhere, as her eyes seemed to move under her closed eyelids. But she wouldn’t wake up. 

I lowered my head, touching our foreheads.

Fatigue and hunger were the feelings that flowed through me. That made me feel both relieved and worried. 

She was just tired. 

My eyes turned to the cove behind me. If I could just get her something to eat from the reef; I could transform and swim over there to get it, which would take me only a minute to do. And I had to confess, the thought was tempting. Even at that moment, my body tingled at the mere feeling of cool salt water touching the skin of my legs; a good number of days had passed since my last transformation. 

But no! That was not the place to do so. Just because no one came there anymore, didn’t mean anyone couldn’t walk in at any minute. I had a much safer place to do that, but it was too far away for me to carry her there. 

Ugh! What should I do?

The End

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