Aya: hurt

I swam away quickly, getting as far away as possible from my parents. I had come of age, and they had finally revealed to me what I had been missing in my life: the second half of the world.

My wet tears trickled down my face as I swam, and a voice in my head kept saying: how could they! They had deceived me all that time! I thought I was their daughter...

I stopped to catch my breath. Suddenly, I saw a shadow moving above me. I looked up, and there was a teenager who looked about my age with silver hair. He looked down, and I could tell that he could feel my emotions.

I hesitated. What should I do? Reluctantly, I risked looking into the future. I hated moving time and space, because it made me feel faint, but I had to, because I could sense that this might be a turning point in my life.

I closed my eyes and felt the familiar dizzying sensation. I opened them and I could see ... merfolk! All of them were sitting together, and I could see myself among them!

I quickly slipped back through the loophole of time and then immediately cursed myself. I hadn't counted how many merfolk there were and their features. All I looked at was myself. How was I to know who to trust if I came upon a merperson?

I was getting dizzy again, so my decision must be made very quickly: if I fainted there would be no one to save me from drowning. The edges of my vision flickered and I could feel my consciousness threatening to desert me.

Ah well, I thought, good riddance to caution. If the person standing above me could sense my emotions, he must be a merman, and I had to trust another merperson.

Right then and there, I made a decision that would change my life.

I stepped out of the water then my vision blackened completely.

The End

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