Fern: A feeling

Arriving at the beach, I watched in despair as my predictions came true and I found myself bombarded with pleas spouted by pouty lips and big watery eyes.

Needless to say, my tormented heart and I gave in, having no choice but to then spend the next thirty minutes or so playing games like catch and Frisbee, building sand castles and running away from crab-sized waves with the girl in the yellow sundress – whose name I found out was Kara – and, to my dreadful surprise, her beloved canine companion.

All good things must come to an end though. Hence the silence that now surrounded me, interrupted only by the waves crashing down on the shore every now and then, the water caressing my ankles, and the cries of sea-loving birds as they sailed across blue skies.  

My bare feet sunk into the soft wet sand as I walked aimlessly along the bay, bottomless eyes unfocused as I let my thoughts drift away.

The taste of long forgotten relief flooded my senses, brought out by the feeling of my own emotions, and no one else's, tugging at my heart strings. It was a welcome change. 

I was just contemplating the thought of taking a quick swim to refresh myself when something pricked at the corners of my mind.

Eyes widening, I snapped my head around; I glanced up at the rock wall that faced me a little ways ahead, separating me from Pebbles Cove, a deserted and somewhat isolated cove Kai told me about which no one visited anymore. Moving grey locks of hair away from my face, I tore my eyes away from the rocks and swept them instead across the water's glittering surface, looking on at the spot where I knew the reef started.

Something was clearly off. I felt dissolving anger and bitterness swirling and pressing in on my mind, why was that?

The most obvious conclusion to that was that they weren't my feelings. But then, whose were they?

Intrigued, I ran up to the rock wall and started to climb my way up, being careful not to slip on the remnants of seaweed that covered the uneven steps. It took a while, my still sore muscles making it more difficult than it should be, but I managed to make my way up without any accident. As soon as I stepped on safe ground once more, I made a silent dash to the thick green bushes that encircled the cove and took a peek from there.

My cautious behavior was wasted though. There was no one there.

Almost disappointed, I stepped out into the cove, stopping once I felt the hard polished pebbles digging into the soles of my feet.

"What is this strange feeling...?" I whispered, staring at the darker part of the blue painted waters in front of me. 

The End

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