Cindy: angry

I didn't know what shocked me more. The fact that two mer-men were in our cove or that they had three perfectly innocent fish tied up, auviously going to be eaten.

I got the sudden image of the four of us, the two males, Marina and I sitting here together with four toddler mermaids swimming around. I blinked several times to get rid of the image.

"Um...hi" one of them said awkwardly. The one with the sapphire blue tail. The other one had a red tail. The same as his eyes which were staring wide open at us.

"Hi." Marina said.

"Who are you?" the one with the red tail asked.

"I'm Cindy and this is Marina. Who are you and how are you mer-men? I thought we were the only ones." I explained to them. I couldn't take my eyes of the poor fish but I didn't want to free the fish until I knew that the mer-men would not attack me.

"I'm Owen and he is Denver." the one with a red tail told me, "we were born mer-men and we thought we were the only ones."

"Well auviously we were all wrong. What were you doing with the fish?" Marina cut in she looked livid as she stared daggers at the men.

"Tea." Owen said simply. Before I could stop her, Marina had swam up to him and whacked him with her tail.

"Ouch. That looked sore." I said in perfect synchronization with Denver. We both fell back laughing.

"Shut up before I do the same to the pair of you." Marina snarled. She grabbed the three fish, let them go and then swam out. I was tempted to go after her but the men intrigued me. They both looked around seventeen. The same age as me and I could see the glint of adventure in there eyes.

"Sorry about her. She hates what she is." I explained before settling down on the floor of the Clove. "So. Story time?" I asked them smiling.

The End

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