Owen: Girls?

"Hey, Owen!" Someone yelled behind me as I speed swam to nowhere in particular. 

I flipped around and caught the sapphire glint of Denver's tail right behind me. "Hey, Denver! Where are you headed?" 

"I'm going to the cove behind the reef, I heard there are some good fish out there to catch."

I grinned, "Is there room for me?" I asked. 

"Why else do you think I called you?" Denver grinned. 

I smiled and raced after him as he headed off for the cove. It wasn't long before we were both hiding and waiting for some bigger fishes to swim by. It was about a ten minute wait before I spotted one swimming by. I lunged out and grabbed it. It began to struggle violently until I slammed my fist against its head, knocking it out. I tied it down to the rock and Denver and I both settled  back down to wait for more...dinner was going to be very tasty tonight. About twenty minutes later Denver and I had caught three more fish and were tying them together to start heading home with them where we would kill and cook them for dinner.

Just as we started off two bright figures flew into our midst. Two girls stopped giggling immediately and stared at us. Both Denver and  I returned the favor. We had thought we were the only ones of us left! At least in Windermere lake...I hadn't checked in the sea...it was too big for us to find any other mer-people there anyway. One of the girls had a green tail and the other was dark blue and these appeared to be the source of the previous flashings. 

"Um, hi..." Denver said, breaking the silence.

The End

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