Cindy: curiosity

I stared at the mobile for a good four minutes once Marina had hung up on me. I was brought out of my stare by my sister.

"Hello? Are we playing this or what?" she complained. I really wanted to go down to the Cove but I knew I wouldn't be allowed as I was supposed to be babysitting my sister.

"Yeah sure. Sorry just a bit confused." I told her as I sat down to play Monopoly with her.

Half an hour later I was defeated. She had £4,567 whilst I had £2. I just rolled my eyes as she prounced around the room.

"Haha you suck!" she told me in a sing song voice before running out of the room.

"Cindy? Marinas at the door." Mum shouted coming in the house.

"Let her come up" I shouted back as I began to pack up the Monopoly game.

"Hey!" Marina said as she came in the room.

"Hi. What was it you saw? You weren't really clear on the phone and have you dyed your hair again?" I trilled as she sat down on my bed.

"I saw others like us. I'm not sure how many. Do you like my hair? I made it a shade lighter than last time." she told me. Lightning up when she started talking about her hair.

"And you didn't go down to see them?" I couldn't keep the dissapointment out of my voice. I had been longing to find people like us since forever.

"No. You know how I feel about our... Problem." she whispered the last word.

"oh come on! It's not that bad!" I complained but I knew it was to death ears.

"Fine if you want to see them so much why don't you go now?" she asked pointedly.

"Only if you come with me. My mum is back so I can go." I said. Excitement flooding my features.

"Fine." she said. We both got up and walked our of my house. Telling my mum we were going to the sea on the way.

Once we were at the sea, we jumped in and started to transform.

I let the tingling feeling that is always present cover my legs. My legs tingled and itches at not to annoying a level. Once the tingling had left I looked down at my legs to see a tail in the way. It was a grassy green with silver tinged at the ends of each scale. I took in a deep breath and felt the coolness of the water flood into me. As I breathed out the water went out throug my gills.

I looked over at Marina who's tail was a royal blue from top to bottom.

"Stop looking at me. You know I hate it." she complained, via mermaid communication, sending mind thoughts. suddenly changing from her normal outgoing personality to her underwater shy, brooding personality.

"Oh lighten up! I'll race ya" I grinned. I gave my tail a flick and shot throughout the water.

"Oh no you don't." Marina yelled her competitiveness over taking her.

I laughed in joy as the water bubbles shot past me and I gained more and more speed. We reached the Cove, me winning, and stared wide eyed at what we saw...

The End

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