Marina: A Quick Call

"Hello?" Cindy's voice echoed down the phone.

"Hi Cindy, It's me." I said.

As she realsied who she was speaking to her voice took on a calm, frinedly tone. "Oh, Hiya Marina. Whats up?"

"Nothing much," I told her, twisting my unnatural blonde hair around my finger. "I'm just back from the cove now."

Cindy sounded a little disapointed. "Oh, you should've told me. I could've come with you."

I sighed. "Sorry, I didn't think. Anyway," My voice sank a bit. "When I was at the cove I saw someone."

"Who?!" Cindy yelled down the line excitedly, almost deafening me.

"Well, It was more than one, I followed them down there. I didn't see who they were."

Again, Cindy sounded disheartened. "Oh, okay then."

"I'll see you later then. I might come round to your house." I said, trying to sound as happy as possible. "Bye."


Then we both hung up and I slipped my phone into the pocket of my jeans.

The End

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