The sea on land

Six mermaids are trying to fish out normality in there aquward teenage lives. They have all been best buddies for ages and then someone comes along and tries to break them up. Will this stranger succeed in her plans or will the group stay together as always?

The sea is the best place on this planet that you can be in. Or so I say, some of my friends disagree. It is a lovely place of blue and coral which you can't find anywhere on land. And, of course, the caves! Filled with colourfull fish The cave me and my friends use is late and bright. It is filled with crystal clear water and up the top is an opening which leads to the sea. Luckily no one else explores the caves. The caves are our to swim in. I love the caves so much they feel more like home than my bedroom does. I adore the feeling of freedom I get as I swim around In the caves allowing me to feel and move freely...

"Hey! Cindy?" my little sister banged on the door, interrupting my thoughts, I sighed in frustration as she shouted at me from the hallway, "You there? Can I come in? Do you want to play monopoly with me?"

"Yeah sure. Half an hour though." I found myself saying. I got up from my bed and went to open my bedroom door. My little sister was standing there with an exited grin on her face, her curly hair creating a hat around her head. Her large blue eyes shone out in excitement.

"Yey! Can I be the doggy?" She asked me bounding into the room and collapsing on the green cushion in the middle of the floor.

"Yeah sure, I will be the horse." I told her, closing my door, I came back and sat opposite her as she set up the board. Just as I was about to roll the dice my ringtone went off.

"Sorry sis, I have to get this." I told her regretfully. "Hello?" I said into the phone. My best friends' voice babbled excitedly from the other end.

The End

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