New - Part Way Through Term

God, I look a right state - copper hair all tangled up, makeup smudged on my blue eyes, and my clothes are awful! I'm Hope Wood by the way, and the reason I'm starting at The School is because I'm different. Different even to everyone here aswell. You see, I don't just have one "ability", I've got four... yep four. Fire, Earth, Air and Water; the elements.

The taxi's just pulled up outside The School so I guess this is it. I've tried everything to not come here - fires, floods, earthquakes, tornado's, the lot. But now I guess that I'm coming no matter what. I got out of the taxi and just stood there on the pavement, I didn't know what to do or anything and no-one came to see me off, they all hate me. I wandered over to what looked like the entrance and knocked. After what seemed like a lifetime, a thin woman came and asked me what my name was and why I was here. I told her the answers and then she realised. I was the late one that my father was talking about on the phone. She simply said "Follow me." so I did. The woman took me to room #29 and passed me a room card. I went it and instantly hated it.

The End

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