In trouble

After unpacking I laid down on the small, uncomfortable bed. The room seriously needed a makeover. While deciding how to redecorate, the bell went. I looked at the tacky alarm clock and realised it must be lunch time. Thinking I'd better go and find out what's what around here, I got up and grabbed my school rucksack as I started heading towards the door.

Out in the hall everything was unusually quiet as I walked over to the elevator. I pressed the button. Great, it was on another floor. I guessed I could try to summon it but the last time that happened it went too fast and broke a wire or a cog. Luckily there was no people inside- that time. Anyway this is neither the time nor the place to make anything like that happen again.

While I was waiting for the lift I spotted a guy with spiky, messy, black hair. He was also quite small, but there was something about him that made him seem bigger than he really was. He also had the most piercing blue eyes I have ever seen. Our eyes then suddenly met and they also had something about them I recognised, something I was very familiar with- secrets, big ones. He suddenly spoke;

"Hey- um the elevator's here." Ok that's weird as I was sure it was quite a few floors away...


We both got into the elevator and what seemed like a really long time he then suddenly blurted out;

"Electricity" he then paused and continued.

"That is my ‘thing' or whatever. That was how the elevator got here so quick"

"Oh I thought that was a bit odd. I'm a summoner- like I can make any objects I want come to me, whenever."

"Cool- I'm Shote"

"Hey and I'm..." But I then was cut off by an annoyingly familiar yell.

"SHOTE! CRYSTAL!" Aww crap I did not need this right now.

"Neither of you have been here a whole day yet and you both are already in a lot of trouble!" she shouted at us, with her face turning slowly red with anger and a crease in her forehead.

I noticed that she was holding a lot of papers in her hands, so I summoned them into the lift. They shot towards us and then started to float onto the floor. She then came into the lift- and we ran out into the hallway. Then Shote closed the elevator doors on her and sent her up a couple of floors.

We could hear her cry in frustration as she rose- and we just stood there laughing our heads off. I could get used to this...

The End

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