Great. I am late. Again. Just as I am for everything. I normally arrive when things finish, though sometimes I can’t even bothered to. So, when halfway into the day, I finally arrive at the school, I can hear chanting going on from somewhere down the hall, but I ignore it as a blonde woman with an ‘oh so fake’ smile comes to greet me;

‘Hello there, you must be Crystal,’ she said, an obvious distaste in her voice. I really hate it when people do that, just because I look different, well news flash- I like it. So what? I have short, bright red hair, about eight piercings in both of my ears, a nose stud and a bellybutton piercing, I am wearing my short black lace skirt, with my black knee high boots and a contrasting red crop top to show off my bellybutton ring. Scary? - No, original? - Yes. No, to her I probably look 18, instead of 16, especially as I tower over her.

 ‘Let me show you to your room.’ She starts walking over to the elevator and presses the button.

‘No thanks, I’ll be fine,’ I say acidly, and get into the elevator before her.

 ’I already have the key card, so I can find it myself’ I say waving it at her before the elevator door closes, I like seeing people’s faces when that happens, their mouths are normally o shaped, the weird blonde lady doesn’t disappoint- she looks confused, which isn’t very pretty on her.

 I should probably tell you about my gift. I am a summoner. I can summon objects and things to me, that’s what I did with the key card. It comes in handy a lot of the time, and I like to play tricks on people with it. That was how they found out. That was how they knew about my power. But that is why I am here, to stay away, and to learn how to develop my powers- and maybe somehow use it against them.

 I shiver at the memory, and realise that the elevator had stopped. I look at my key card, Room 45. I walk down the hall and stand in front of the door, and realise that this is going to be my home for a while.

The End

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