Shote: You gotta be kidding.

The agents walk by. They work for the school , and there trying to get me to join there. Forget it I taught myself to keep it under control , and well live normally so whats the issue.  To get away I send a sound at the wavelengh to temporarily disorient someone. Everybody stumbles over.  I run down the street. Turn the corner and there he was the guy that i was trying to avoid. 

" Shote don't even think about using electricity or deathen me. It won't work." The man said point out his ridicoulous rubber suit and his earpluags.

" Damm ya to the sewers." I said angrily.

 I decided to surrender and walk into the car. I'd rather not get tranquilized.  A few airplane trips and and a few car rides and we where at the school. With it and all its modern glory. A woman came out to greet me.

" Stuff it." I said still pissed off

she gasped looking totally astonished.

I walked into the building. Looking for the schedule. Oh so everybody should be there.

The End

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