Theodore: time for bed... urrh again?

After me and will had spoken for ages we thought it might be time to go to bed... again. we walked back up stairs and i waved goodbye, hoping he would have a better sleep this time, amnd changed back into my lion form. i was thinking that maybe i could send some of my dreams to him... sometimes lions have good dreams ya know! ones where we groom ourselves and things, i like those dreams and i know it sounds wierd but i groom myself sometimes... actually less about that thank you very much.

I opened the door to my room and could smell with my heightened senses, the tobacco smell from earlier. suddenly, out of the corner of my eyes i saw the door next to mine move and someone came out. as quickly as they had , they went back in again.

Theo seriously! wait till your in your room before changing!

i morphed back into my human form and knocked politely.

"Hello?" someone said half asleep.

i opened the door slowly and began scratching at my tattoos. if you hadnt noticed its what i do when im embarrassed.

"oh hi, i'm new here. Urmm i saw you come out of your room, im sorry if i frightened you" My London accent showing up here.

The guy looked at me


i gestured outside.

"You know the lion thing? yeah sorry its how i sleep. im a fire wielding animagus" i hesitated " oh and the names Theodore by the way, but like you can call me Theo if you want"

He looked at me strangely before thrusting out his hand "Emrys, immortal" he spoke in a welsh accent.

i took his hand and shook it. He flopped onto his bed again.

i smiled politely not knowing what to say. i took out a cigarette from my packet and clicked my finger, a flame appearing at the tip.

Emrys looked over.

"sorry you dont mind if i smoke do you?"

He gasped then jumped up.

"Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!"


i laughed as he clapped me on the back taking a long drag from the cigarette i had given him.

"You and me are guna be some pretty good pals, i think"

The End

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