i rolled onto my back, just having had a dream about ripping a deer apart, not nice, but in the current state it made me hungry. it was the middle of the night but i thought i'd take a stroll down to the canteen for food.

i pushed the door open with my paw. i didnt notice someone coming out the room a couple doors down. he looked scared like he'd just had a nightmare or something. he turned to go the same way i meant to then stopped, seeing me. he gasped.

uh oh, Theo, you forget to change back again! i thought.

i pulled my shape together and became human. getting up off my hands and knees, i spoke to the guy.

"sorry about that mann" i scratched at my tattoos embarresed "fell asleep forgot to change back"

he still stood there eyeing me carefully then smiled.

"No problem Theo, my names Will" he pushed his hand out for me to shake.

"how did you know my name?" i asked questioningly.

"telepathic" he tapped his temple laughing. "that is one awesome power there! what else do you do?"

i chuckled as i started walking towards the elevator with him.

"Urmm well, i can talk to and change into any animal----"

"seriously any animal?!"

"Yuhh and sometimes i like, sorta control fire n stuff" i shrugged.

"any animal?!" he repeated as we got in the elevator and pressed the down button.

i stood and concentrated. my body shook as my shape began to change its form.

Will had seen my lion form, my favourite, now was time to show him something different.

i dropped to all fours, my whole body elongating. my skin changed scaly and fangs protuded from my face. I still felt pain sometimes when changing and you could tell this now, as i began to hiss as my bones broke and reformed.

i dropped to the floor as a snake. Will looked awestruck. he picked me up and brought my face up to his.

"WOW" was all he said.

i snickered with my hissing tongue, laughing as i would if i was human. he put me on the floor again just as the elevator reached the floor of the canteen. i shifted back into my human form. My muscles reforming over my bones, that had changed again.

i shook out my blonde hair and scratched my tattoos again. embarressed again. not many people get to see me change... but i suppose more people would now.

we sat at a table and grabbed some food, talking about our life stories... being freaks, as such.

The End

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