Tammy watched her mother with narrowed eyes. Cloud D. Demon sat to her left talking to Tammy’s new principle. Cloud looked no more than 15 years old but Tammy new betters her mother was a demon over thousands of years old. Cloud was a duchess from the fiery pits of hell, with her dark brown skin, long black hair and small features anyone would be deceived and think her just an ordinary child.

Except for the eyes. 

Cloud's big cat eyes where all neon purple there was no white what so ever and they where tilted upward in an inhuman way.  She was dressed in the latest of hell's fashion, a short clingy blood red fabric paired with matching leather boots. Her make up was a lot of black glitter powder that brought out her strange eyes and the weird spiral tattoo that danced across her face. Her long blood red nails tapped against the wooden arm rest, her beautiful face pinched in frustration and angry.

  Tammy turned to the principle and tried concentration on what the women was saying.

  "Ms. Demon I don't think it's possible for Tamantha to go to school her she's only 11 and I’m sure she'll find it hard to get along with the other children seeing how she's from a different world completely."

 "Tammy is 8 and a half she is more than cable to go to school...With these...These...H-humans." Cloud spat the word out with some distaste. "The only reason I even considered this stupid place for my precious Tammy was because I had heard this school for the gifted was 5 stars." Cloud turned up her nose and gave the room a disgusted look. "But I am sure I can take Tammy elsewhere...if you don't want the money...”

    "No! Tammy   is always welcome here!" 

  Tammy's narrowed eyes turned to slits. She would of laughed this foolish woman had played right into her mother’s hand. She shook her head sending long black locks flying; she had her mother’s dark skin and strange yes expect they were a natural red color.

  The principle handed over Tammy's room key to Cloud. Cloud stood up and grabbed Tammy's bags. Before going she dropped a suitcase filled with money on the principles desk. With one hand holding Tammy's and the other carrying her suitcase Cloud walked head held high to the elevator. Some how she managed to press the button.

  "Tammy you’re going to do your best and out do these stupid humans you carry royal blood in your veins and should not ruin it by not doing your best. Do you hear me?" Cloud's hold on Tammy's hand tighten.

  "Yes mommy."

  "Good." The hold loosened. "You know your mommy loves you so right to me ok sweetie?"

  "I will mommy." Tammy looked up at her mother  and tried to memorize every feature of her face. She would miss her mother but she would do her proud.

 Just then the elevator opened and a student stepped of he gave a curious look to the two Demon's noting their strange features and clothing. Cloud pinched her nose with a thumb and forefinger and looked down her small nose at the student. Though taller than her the student felt small.

  "Tammy look closely at this human see how it is weak and stupid. Remember as a Down worlder you are better than they are."  Still pinching her nose Cloud shoved past the student dragging Tammy onto the elevator with her.  When the metal doors opened again it was to the dorm rooms.

  Cloud found Tammy's room with ease and helped her unpack. She gave her youngest daughter one last hug and disappeared in a puff of black smoke and glitter.

    Now she was alone all alone. Tammy grabbed her room key and decided to explore her new home. Closing the door behind her she walked off to start her adventure.


The End

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