Oh life is grand! <---- sarcasm right there.

One of the carers had shoved me off the bus with my bags. Yeah thats how they treat you in an orphanage... if they cant control you they get rid of you. especially if your special or 'gifted' as some people say - ya thats bull!.

They threw my bag off the bus and i waved to my little sister as the carers grimaced and drove the bus away.

I never used to be in an orphanage. i used to have a mum and a dad, but then they decided to leave and left us with my grandparents, who then couldnt cope. i couldnt help that i had a short temper! so they palmed us off to St Briars Orphanage.

Rightly im 17 so i shouldnt be there, but i had to stay for my lil sis didnt i. I pushed a hand through my messy blonde hair and looked around. My piercing green eyes taking in my surroundings.

the school...

the school for the gifted?

i wasnt that gifted, at least, i dont think i was. i mean yeah im an animagus - i can turn into any animal i wanted, and yeah sometimes i managed to control fire - not hogging powers or anything but they really wasted them on me right?

Oh yeah hi my names Theodore and i control fire and can be an animal at will. Stupid!

i mean being able to understand animals is alright aswell i suppose.

anyways, i lit a cigarette with a click of my finger, when a really smiley looking lady came out. i dont like her.

"Hi you must be Theodore? if youd like to come this way"

i followed her up the elevator while she tried to make small talk. i ingored her.

She gave me my room key - 39- then walked off with a wave.

"Yeah bye" i mumbled closing myself in my room. thank god she'd gone. i opened my window and looked out. Some people were coming back from town and others were finishing their lessons. i flicked my butt out the window and threw my shoes off jumping onto the bed.

i changed my form into a lion and lay down on my belly, purring. Cats always seem to sleep better...

The End

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