Emrys: In Class

How exactly was I supposed to practice my 'skill'? What, did they want me to just kill myself in front of everyone? Honestly, think it through. The stupid smiley woman kept coming over, trying to get me to do something. I just glared at her and shoved my headphones in my ears. Funny how many scared looks you get when you have screamo music up loud enough for the world to hear.

I was slouched over the table, enjoying the "peace and quiet" of my music when I got hit in the face for about the millionth time. Stupid telekinetics. I drummed my fingers against the table for a while but that only made me angrier. I sighed angrily and kicked the table away. And instantly regretted it. It's not that it drew attention, I just liked having the table there. It put distance between me and the rest of the room. I sighed again and pulled out a headphone, my intention being to get the table back but I heard some stupid girl sniveling. It pushed me over the edge.

"Oh would you stop crying!" I shouted at the girl sat behind me, just about noticing the bored looking brunette next to her, and realised something. Something I hadn't noticed in a long time. Like the guy screaming through my headphone, I was Welsh.

The End

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