Odelia - Pollution Machine

Life couldn't get any suckish until we arrived in the city. Despite the strange glances at us, I had already decided that coming to this pollution machine wasn't going to help anything. Breaking the group, with little as a "wave" to the Blondie Lady, I navigated my way through the current of people. My tight boots were quite dirty when I made it to the vintage store, but I gave them an earnest frown before looking at the clothes.

My mission: find affordable wool skirts, and scarves. The lady looked at me strangely as I placed my black gloves on. The gloves that would prevent me from disintegrated this shop into oblivion. 

I gave her a nasty glare, and hurriedly looked through the clothes. I had managed to find two 12.00 wool skirts, and five scarves which would cost 20 bucks all together. I took to the Staring Lady, and pushed over $32.75. She gave me a fake smile one that I could easily disintegrate off her pale shriveling face, but decided against it.

I took my change, and pocketed the receipt, walking over to a cafe across the street. It was quite dainty and old looking. Perfect for me.

I waltzed in, ignoring the strange locals. "Hit me up with some hot cocoa. To go." I demanded, no sweetness in my voice. With shaking hands and fear-filled eyes, the college kid punched in the certain number on the cash machine.

The hot cocoa was done, quickly and I slid the money over, picked the cup up and left. The cafe seemed to be alluring in a way, calling me to stay in its safety. But that was the sign that I was getting soft.

I went outside and sat on a bench, with 20 minutes left before Blondie calls for the mutant losers to leave. And just great, I was one of them...

The End

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