Odelia - Food

Willpower was neccesary for me as I stomped down the spiraling staircase of The School. I didn't care to take the stinking elevator that I had been cooped up in, before. All I wanted was a place no one could hear the ridiculous noises I was making. But soon my tantrums had to be stopped.

Opening  the door to the cafeteria, I stared straight ahead, piercing holes with my metephorically "laser" eyes, in anyone who dared to look me in the face. I smirked as the lady behind the lunch counter, trembled in fear as she messily slopped down corn on my plate. I gave her a sarcastic smile before sitting down at table that was filled with people.

They ran after I disintegrated the chair of the kid sitting next to me. I smiled at my achievements. This might actually turn out good, I thought, flicking my corn at girl sitting at the table in front of me.

The End

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