"Get your hands off me!" I yelled as I was dragged towards The School.

"Please, Emrys, it's for your own good" my tired father said.

"You're not seriously leaving me here!" I shouted again as he got back in the car and drove off without so much as a goodbye.

A woman was waiting for me with a "happy" grin on her face. "I take it you're Emrys. I'll show you to your room now".

"No point, I'm leaving this joint first chance I get" I muttered but followed her regardless.

My name's Emrys Cooper, and I have an attitude problem. See, like most kids I was born into a normal family. Normal parents, normal siblings, normal everything. But, unlike normal kids, I'm different. Through some kind of genetic screw up, I was born unable to die. Yep. Immortal. And me being born immortal somehow managed to kill my mom. She pretty much heard that I was a boy, that I was stillborn, that they found a heartbeat and....thud. Dead. Still had time to name me Emrys though. How ironic that my name mean immortal, huh?

I found out I was immortal when I was about five. I was playing marbles with my older brother and decided it'd be fun to swallow one. Choked. Died. Threw it up. Alive again. Simple as. And now Dad decided it might be a good time to send me to a school that was used to these events. Well, I have had to change schools about four times in the past year.

I suppose you could call me emo in appearance but for starters, my hair isn't black. It's blonde. Not bright blonde, though. A kind of dark blonde. I don't wear make up. I don't wear girl's jeans. I don't have piercings. I just have emo hair, okay?

The stupid smiley woman handed me a key card and walked off like she had somewhere more important to be. As if I don't?! I hate this place already.

The End

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