Will: Telepathy

The canteen was amazingly loud for a school with noly forty odd pupils. Then I realized it was only loud for me because I coukd hear every thought that ran through the mids of the students who all seemed nervous around each other. The school hadn't been open long and with new people turning up everyday, it must have been hard for people to make freinds. I looked around the room my tray in my hands as I searched for a place to sit. There was nowhere so I found an empty table near the back, the further away from the people and their thoughts the better. I could sense one or two telepaths in the room and was curious why they weren't putting up blocks so I couldn't hear them.

Nickie entered through the doors and began to queue. I tried to act like I didn't care much but I was the type of person who didn't like to be alone. She got her tray and made her way over. She sat down opposite me.

"What do you think of the food?" she asked glaring at her tray and poked it with her fork.

"Not to bad." I replied eating another mouthful of mine. "So," I asked "how did you end up here?"

The End

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