Odelia - Anger

Slowly but surely, the elevator went up. I had mumbled a silent prayer to God for making that suffocating perky lady leave. She did, of course, after some looks were exchanged. She shoved the place card in my hand and I looked at the card as I pressed a button to get to my floor.

35 was typed bold and big, as if they thought I was blind. The elevator music electrified the anger in my body, and I had to hum my "Calm down" song that drifted me away from the angry energy. I did some standing meditation, but the ding! of the elevator, reminded me of my location. The School. My meditation time was wasted as I was immersed in the angry energy again.

I stomped down the white hallway, and shoved my room's door open, running to the bed. But, my emotions caused me to fall. Literally on the floor. My body hit the floor with a great thump, a result from my now-gone bed disintegrating. Great! Too mad, and now I bruised my nose.

The End

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