Will: Deserted

The woman showed me to my room and pressed a key card into my palm. She left me outside my new room, the corridor around me was deserted. I looked at the number carved into my door. I was in room number 37. I called after the receding image of the perky woman.

"Where's the other 36?!" I called after her.

"There in the city centre. It's their day out." She replies. I shrugged and walked into my room. The walls were plain white. The wooden cuboard in the corner looked too big for my meager possesions. A small flat screen TV hung on the wall above the desk that held a computer. I peeked through another door into the ensuite bathroom.

"No so much of a prison after all." I mumbled dumping my bag on the double bed. I sat on the end of my bed pondering what I should do when a door closing awoke me from my stupor. I listened carefully the thoughts of the person in the next room drifting to me like a whisper.

"Stupid goverment." were the only repeatable words. I smiled at her irritation. I lay back on the bed, then I got up. I didn't like the silence of lonlyness. I left my room and moved next door to room 38. I knocked twice before a thin girl with black hair opened the door. Her ice blue eyes stared at me making me suddenly nervous.

"Hi, I'm Will." What a brilliant start.

The End

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