The verdict was final. I was going to The School. And here I was standing on the sidewalk, being led by the arm by this perky lady. Small strands of my purposefully messy brown hair blew in the wind as she began to take me up the stairs. My father who had escorted me to this torture chamber sat in the car, daintly, and with yearning in his eyes. He didn't get to say goodbye.

I looked away at his pathetic glazed-over eyes and set my blue eyes to watch my surroundings. I needed to be alert in this new place. Who knew what they could do to me? But did they know what this seventeen year old could do? With a simple touch, this lady who was cutting off my circulation could disappear? She could be disintegrated with one touch. Just like that.

One simple genetic problem has caused me so much other problems in this life, and going to this School was definitiely seeming to be the worst of them.

The End

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