Ben: Practice

Wow! I'm finally back at Octavious Crystal. I am so happy. I had to spend all of break in a trailer with my aunt. She is totally cool usually, but I still didn't want to spend all of  break with her. I went to my room and dumped my stuff. "Hey dude! How was break?" my friend Tyler said. Tyler was the head singer in my band at home, Mass Attack. "Horrible! I had to spend all break in the trailer with my aunt." I said. "Bummer! Let's go practice. It'll take your mind off your horrible break." Tyler said, as he walked away. I grabbed my drumsticks and followed Tyler to the practice hall. Once we got there we saw our guitarist, Chad. "Hey! I knew you guys would be here."He yelled. "Well we should start to practice." I said. "O.k. Boss." Tyler said, giving me a goofy grin. "Let's start with Holiday by Green Day." I instructed. " Let's go!" Chad said. We set up and Chad started of with the guitar part. Then I started to play. Finally, Taylor started to sing. The song was going really good, when I looked up and saw a girl standing there. It shocked me since most people knew that we didn't like to be watched. When we finished the song, she started clapping. "Wow! You guys are great!" she wrote on a whiteboard."Thanks, but this is a closed rehearsal." I said. " Oh! I'm sorry. I'm new here." she replied. "That's o.k.!" Chad said. "I'm Tyler, this is Chad and this is Ben." Tylor said. "Oh. Hi! My name is Izabel, but you guys can call me Iz." she wrote it out really fast. "Why do you use the whiteboard to speak?" I asked. "I can't speak. It's a long story." she wrote. "Oh, sorry." I said, blushing. "It's ok. I get that a lot," she blushed too. " I got to go." she wrote. Then she ran out. " See you around!" Tyler yelled after her. "Uh, dudes. Dinner is in like an hour. We have to go get ready." Chad said. I looked at my watch. "O.k. Let's get ready." I said, grabbing my drumsticks and walking toward the door.

The End

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