Izabel: Arriving.

I'm Izabel, though a few friends call me Iz. It's my first year here at Octavious Crystal, and without a familiar face to tag a long with I'm kinda nervous. I've never been an outgoing person, but I think that's because I'm mute. Can't speak or sing, but I can laugh. I do use sign-language, but most people I meet can't, so I carry around a little dry-erase board.

I play the harp, and have  been playing it since I was four, the year the doctor gave up and told my parents I would never speak.  It's not really the type of instrument you'd play in a band, but a few years ago I started to practice the Laser Harp. Not only does the Laser Harp sound great, it looks amazing: Colorful beams of light shooting up through the air. You just block a laser with your hand for a certain amount of time and it produces a note. I'm hoping it'll work for the Battle of the Bands I heard about.

Once I arrived I unpacked my stuff in the North Tower. (My room looks like it has been remodeled recently, though it has a odd, smokey sent.) I'm going to find one of the practice rooms and play my harp (the normal old string one). I'm feeling kind of  stressed, and playing the harp usually calms me. 

I play my harp for a few minutes, then stop and listen. It sounds like something interesting is going to happen, so I slip into the practice room next door.

The End

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