Nick: The Sound of Music

I had just been wandering the school trying to figure out where everything was when I heard someone singing along with a piano. I followed the sound of the music until I reached a room. Opening the door I walked in. No one noticed me.

There were three other people in the room. A boy and girl I had yet to meet and Sam the girl whom I had run into earlier. When I first saw Sam I had thought she'd be more into the electric guitar but her voice was amazing! And the girl at the piano was great too. I remember when I was little and I attempted to play the piano but I soon found out that it wasn't something I really liked doing.

I had moved into a corner away from the door just as Sam stopped singing and had begun to leave. The boy then called her name. I was guessing that, by the look on her face, he hadn't made a good first impression on her.

The End

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