Sam: 'no-one listen's to a word you've said'

Playing with another person in my tower, Kezzy I think, it was like two pieces of a jigsaw fitted together, the bass notes of my, well bass guitar, mixed with her, well... ok I hate to admit it but she's pretty good. I think I have seen her around before- but not really talked to her or anything. But the weirdest thing is that she hasn't judged me, not yet anyway. Maybe she hasn't heard about my reputation. No she must have heard about me, everyone has.

But we then got rudely interrupted by ‘boy genius' who decides to ignore me and compliments her on her music playing.

"I am here you know" I look at the two of them engrossed in this stupid piece of music he wrote,

"Yeah, maybe we could let Sam join as well, she's good at playing" she says kind of hesitantly.

"I don't think that's wise" he says looking me up and down. Well my being known around here has now gone, not, someone has obviously heard who I am. He then just ignores me and goes back to trying to hear Kezzie play the piano. She looks at me, but a plan already formulating in my head, I nod at her and she starts playing again. I listen for a couple of beats, while reading the sheet music behind her to get the rhythm. It has no lyrics to it so I will have to get creative;

When you're trapped inside you're head,
No-one listens to a word you've said.
They've judged you,
Before you've had a chance.
It's really that no-one even understands

Yeah, it's true,
When no-one's even there for you.
It's hard
And I'm bad.
No-one wants to know me it's sad,
No-one really wants to know me...

And with that I start to leave the room feeling pretty happy with myself.

"Look, Sam..." I turn around and half smile at what's-his-name, he better not give me any crap, or I will personally break his stupid violin in two.

The End

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