Kezzy: Sounds good.


As I wandered around the school I could hear the younger ones screaming to each other, making a deafening noise. Though I can't say I blame them - I was looking forward to seeing my friends too. Well to waste the time, I thought, I might as well go to the music rooms and practise. So I walked down the corridor and peep into the them. Crap - they're all being used... except one.

I go in and automatically walk to the piano, going through my peices in my head. Starting to play one, I'm immediately lost in the music. I carry on playing for about 20 minutes when I heard a door bang. Sam.

" Sounds good. Is it for the battle of the bands?" she says, unaware of interupting me.

"Thanks, yeah it is."

"Cool. I'm entering aswell - gonna see what you North Tower people are like." Sam replied.

"Oh yeah! I forgot you're in this tower - what do you think?"

"S'alright I suppose... Do you wanna go to the front, I heard Jason's back." She asked.

"Yeah okay, uhh he's so annoying!"

"Tell me about it!"


The End

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