Sam: tripping

"Well hello Sam, I heard that you got moved over here"...

I look over my shoulder to see the face of that familiar voice, smirking at me and standing in that ‘oh so cool' way that always intimidates you. Am I being degraded in status now that I have moved towers? I just can't handle this, I run outside hoping that it will make their laughter go away. I keep running out the back door, along the lawn, when I suddenly trip and fall over somebody. Crap, bad things always happen to me- I am an official bad luck magnet.

I get up and start cursing, which alarmed the girl who was oh so obviously new here. I decided to try and make it up to her by trying to be a bit nice.

"Ahem, well , I'm sorry, just sorta was running and, well yeah um, not really looking where I was going..." this then made her eyes widen, like I was some sort of wild animal- right start over;

"Sorry, I am Sam, I was just trying to get away from, well yeah" I look back at the tower, and then at the ground.

"I know how you feel" she says quite quietly, brushing herself down and looking in the other direction.

"I'm Nick by the way." I try to grin at her,

"Hello Nick, so welcome to your first year at Octavius Crystal School of Music" wait why am I being so nice? It's not really like me, what if someone see's me? And then I remember. Well I guess this school is have what you can get, otherwise you're on your own.


"So what tower are you in?"


"So, I'll see you around?"

"Yeah, maybe" and then I decided to go and cool off in one of the many music rooms, and just play one of the guitars that they have that you can borrow, it's kinda like the bass but with two more strings, I can play it, but I'm not a professional. Anyway, I know when I'm not exactly wanted, I don't lurk.

The End

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