Sam: Changes

So here I am, yet another year at The Octavius Crystal School of Music. I find that I am in a different part of the tower with new people since I accidentally, burnt most of the Lavender room (what kind of name is that?) to smithereens when we smuggled a pack of cigarettes and a big bottle of vodka into school on the last week as a celebration, and Lizzie (my best friend) spilt some of the vodka on the carpet. We tried to scrub it off so Miss Wilmot would not smell it. But then unfortunately I dropped my cigarette and all of the alcohol caught on fire. And of course I got the blame for everything.

Luckily I am too talented to be lost from the school, I knew having double talents would come in handy at some point, so I was put on a week's suspension and then sent to the other side of the school, the South Tower (I was in the North) and plonked in the boring old and grey room i.e. a grey bland room with no name as they had ran out (of names, apparently there are only so many names of flowers they could use for the rooms- what?).

Well, whatever, I just can't wait since it is the battle of the bands this term and I am so excited! But, because of the whole cigarette/alcohol incident by band cannot practise in the same room, and our solo lead guitarist had left school due to study leave for exams, thought he sometimes does come in to revise, but we never really meet up since we are no longer a band. So I am hoping to try out for a band, or maybe even start up a new one (though apparently my repetition in the South tower isn't exactly great as of the rumours that have gone around about me- like the one were me and Andrew Stone were found in the cupboard 2 terms ago. But it was totally not true, he just came up to me and I was like ew no, I have more pride than that, eugh, he is the gross skanky year 10 who plays the trumpet, so his lips are all dry and coarse).

I play the bass guitar- electric, though I can play the acoustic if needed- though it is so weedy and ‘classic'. But that is not my main instrument, mine is my voice. I can sing- I love to sing, my teacher Mr Anderson says that I am like a younger and edgier version of Maddona. I really like Mr Anderson, everyone does- he is one of those rare funny and hip teachers you get and is always inspiring us.

I decided to go to the common room, as this is usually quiet in the time of everyone coming back and going into each other's form rooms. Unfortunately Miss Wilmot was there and was giving me and my outfit glares (she disapproves of anything resembling thick black make-up or my lush leather jacket with studs and diamante's around the shoulders and especially my short black skirt) she is campaigning to have school uniform but we all said we would protest and went around getting petitions signed.

There was a group of year 11 girls on the other side of the common room but they had their back to me so I couldn't see who they were, which suited me fine as most of the South tower girls are up themselves a bit. I was going to go and sit on the red settee when I heard a voice behind me and stopped

"Well hello Sam, I heard that you got moved over here"...

The End

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