Trust Jim


I'm sitting in my dorm, tunning my electric guitar. The door opens,making me jump.

"Steady mate, it's just me." I smile at Jim, my roommate and best mate. I get up and put my guitar away."How wasyour break?" He asks. I shrug. "Okay I guess. Didn't do much. You?" Jim jumps on the sofa, smiling. "Well, I went to florida, met upwith a load of hot babes. Went surfing. Stuff like that. It was epic mate!" I nod. "Sounds it." I say and get a glass of water.I drain it quickly.

"So, the others not here yet?" I shake my head. "Nah. Jim,youknow what they'relike, always late." He smiles and gets to his feet. "C'mon Jason my man, we are going out." I laugh. "Where's that exactly?" I ask, putting my glass in the dishwasher.

"Looking for girl." I shake my head and laugh, trust Jim to say that. "Okay. Lets go." I say, grabbing my jacket. We walk out of the dorm. "So, Jim,what way?" He smiles and goes left with me following close behind.

"We, Jason, are going to the front. I heard there's a new girl coming.

The End

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