Kezzy: Uncovered Secrets

As Sam and Nick run off, I decide to go and have a wander around for a bit. I walk outside into the beautiful sunlight and go down to the lake. I wonder if I should start composing? I think, watching the sun rays bound off the shiny surface of the water. Well, why not? There's always a first for anything.

I got up and wandered back to the building, eager to get started. I run up the stairs to the music room, but stop as I hear the sound of a drum. Electric by the sound of it. Soon, a bass joins in, so I walk towards the sound. I come across another set of music rooms, some that I hadn't realised were there before. I looked through the windows of all of them, and then came across them.

To my surprise, it was Nick and Sam. I knew Sam played the bass and sang, but I had no idea that Nick could play drums like that! I wonder what else she can do? I open the door a crack and they stop playing, but thankfully don't notice me. They started talking to one another, but I can't hear a thing they're saying; well, until the end, when Nick told Sam - and me - why she came here, and about her friends.

Why doesn't she ditch them? She's not worth them.  I thought, and weirdly, that's what Sam said. As she said this, they both start turning round, obviously sensing my presence. I run down the corridor as quietly as I could, but then realise the I'd gone the wrong way! Without anything else to do, I turn and casually walk back the way I've just come. Thank god I got a 'B' in drama!

"Heya guys!" I call hoping that my acting skills payed out.

"Oh, hey Kezzy! Why are you down here? Our tower's the other way." Sam asked.

"Oh, I, um, just had a wander around the grounds and thought this was the easiest way back." Yes! "How about you? Where'd you run off to then?" I asked her, recovering myself.

"Nick and I were just in the music room. Hey Nick, can I tell her what you do? Please?" Sam pleaded, with begging eyes, to my surprise - I'd never seen Sam this way before! Was she softening? After a hesitant few seconds, Nick nodded.

"Okay, well, Nick plays the drums amazingly, and she sings!" Sam said, "But you can't tell anyone! Okay?" She said, seriously.

"Wow, really?! Okay, I won't tell anyone. Your secrets safe with me...Hey, do you think us lot could form a band? and maybe we could have that Bobby Red dude?" I said, a plan forming in my head.

"A band...WHAT! No, there's no way I'm forming a band with Boy Genius. that's out of the question." Sam fumed.

Well, at least we know that she's not softening.

The End

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