"Well.... Okay then." I said trying to calm down. I hadn't ever played in front of anyone before or even with someone. Sam smiled at me and walked over to a bass and picked it up. Slowly I walked toward the drum set and sat down. There was a pair of drumsticks on the snare drum and I picked those up since I had left mine in my bag.

Taking a deep breath I began get the feel of the drums. It wasn't much different then the set I usually played on. I began to wonder if my friends had figured out where I had gone by now. My parents probably already told them that I play drums. I was going to be a definite outcast when I returned.

"You going to play?" Sam asked, interrupting my thoughts.

"Y-yeah sorry...." I said sheepishly. I took another deep breath and began to set a rhythm. It started out slow but after a minute I felt a bit more daring and began to get more complicated. I felt at home playing. I hadn't played for a couple weeks so this was refreshing.

It took me a second but I finally noticed that Sam had joined it. She really was a natural at the bass. Smiling started adding a few for beats here and there to make it sound better. When we ended Sam looked at me.

"See it wasn't that bad and for the record you were amazing." She said walking closer to me.

"It wasn't that good I was-" Sam didn't let me finish my self critical statement

"No, I don't want to hear it. That was really cool." She said looking at me in the eye. I chuckled a little.

"You know? You're the only person besides my parents who know that I play. I've never told anyone about my lessons." I said a little quieter, looking down at the drumsticks in my hand.

"Why is that?" She asked, surprised.

"Well..... You see my friends don't approve of anyone playing an instrument that's not a guitar. For example you would fit that. Me? No."

"They don't seem like very good friends then. Why not just leave them?"

"Because when I'm with them I fit in at school. It scares that one day that they're going to find out, which they probably already have, and I'm going to become an outcast." I paused for a second "Without them I'd be called a nobody."



The End

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