The School of Music

This is about kids who play an instrument or sing, and go to Octavius Crystal's School of Music.

Ahh, back to school yet again. To be honest, I'm quite looking forward to it - with more music, seeing my friends, my beloved piano (baby grand!) and, of course, it's Battle of the Bands this term! I can't wait! Oops, I forgot to tell you! You're probably wondering who I am, why I'm looking forward to school, and what this Battle of the Bands is. So here you go:

I'm Kezzy Fox (well, Kesiah - my parents are BIG on old fashioned names), 13 years old, and am grade 6 on piano; the reason I'm looking forward to school is because I attend The Octavius Crystal School of Music - possibly the BEST school ever! The only lessons you do are music, singing and buisness studies(B.S)! Well, there is the maths-english-science lot, but only once a fortnight! Now, where was I... oh yeah  - Battle of the Bands. Battle of the Bands is just as it sounds - people get together in a band and battle against each other. It only takes place in the summer term though, so after it's happened everyone gets ready for next years! I find it quite funny, really.

So, now you know pretty much everything. Yay! My taxi's just pulled up outside school - I'll just say bye to my family...There we go, I'm wandering over to the main hall to see which tower and room I'm in at the moment.

 Okay, I'm in the North Tower, Rose Room. I was in this tower last year and everyone - including me - said it was the best. But I've never been in Rose Room, it suits me well though; Rose is my middle name! Well, I'm in the North Tower - just got to find my room... Ah! There it is! I hope the people are nice in there. Well, here goes...

The End

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