Cadell: RestlessMature

Outside the wardroom door, Cadell was pacing back and forth like a caged tiger. It had been a slow process carrying Finlay, Iris and Kita to the hospital, their progress only hampered further by their own injuries. Having finally got their friends admitted to the ward, Cadell himself had been close to collapse. A combination of hard running, a twisted ankle, carrying Finlay and the every-constant yowling of the ghosts had worn him out so much he'd felt like he would drop down dead at any second.

Unfortunately for him, he hadn't.

Growling irritably in Welsh, he peered through the door as a nurse exited and caught a brief flash of a second nurse bending over Finlay, who appeared to be awake. Cadell gave him a quick wave before the door closed in his face and a stern-faced nurse gave him a disapproving glare before bustling off down the corridoor. Cadell spat several rapid curses in her direction before returning to his pacing. He hadn't seen any sign of Dilya or Nicola since arriving at the hospital, they'd evidently slunk off to see to something else or had joined the others in the ward, Cadell wasn't sure which. Either way, he was alone now.

Or alone as he ever was with a horde of frazzled ghosts trying to tell him a thousand different things at once all in very loud voices.

Hope the others are up soon, he thought, I don't know how much longer I can take this. I need company. Company that isn't hell bent on chewing my ears off.

The End

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