Nicola: Get out!Mature

As Kita faints and hits the ground something very clear occurs to me.

" This isn't over we have to get out. Now!" I say a little to commandingly.  A large empty hall to our right begins to shake , wind and, heat begins to wash over us. As we watch in a stunned fashion something almost mythical in appearance apears. 

" What in the world could..." I couldn't finish as it roars a roar so loud that it had a shock wave which sent us backwards

No one needed to be told to run they just did.  Finlay looked uncomfortable   picking up Kita. I run over and sling her on my back as we begin to run like the end was near.  Well it would if you stared their to watch in a fearful awe.   We quickly got back to the stair case, I was behind everyone I take a quick look back  behind the stair were melting or simply crumbling from what seems to be the essence of this beast.  I was being to slow I could feel the essence crushing me as if I was at the bottom of a thousand oceans. It was like trying to run through quicksand . My movements slowed, the others disapear from my sight  I take on slow step after another one until I could hardly move.

Kita falls of my back as I fall towards the stairs. I lay in wait feeling intense heat , I couldn't struggle to panic , I didn't want to accept death  , I couldn't lift a finger to stop it though.  The heat crawls closer , my eyes close in fear in my head I see potential electric current. It crazy its just me hoping for a miracle. I outstretched my hands and felt it.  After I had grabbed it felt like all the weight was taken away and I was full of energy. I turn around to see the beast. Its mouth a gaping wide swirling hole of fire.  Without hesistation I focus the electric current into  one strand of energy and release it.

The beast howls in pain and step back a large hand coveing its mouth. I walk over to she was waking.

" Come one we have to go!"  She looked confused. Dilyla and few others we running down the stair as beast returned with a new fury.

The End

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