I sighed, following behind everyone. "No light... no sound..." I muttered to myself.

"What is it?" Hope asked.

"Uh! This stupid place is messing with my powers! Most wavelengths of light and sound aren't permeating this place. It's strange." I said. "Only the "visible" light and "audible" sound. The wavelengths that all the normal people see. It's like not being able to see colours... I guess you could call me colour-blind."

I started looking around. Suddenly... I saw something. "Everyone! Light!" I shouted. I grabbed Hope's hand, who in turn grabbed someone else's hand, and we started off at a run. I led us towards that single beacon of ultraviolet rays. No others.

"That's there so I can lead us out... None of you can see it!" I said. I tried to force the rays to a normal wavelength, but I couldn't. It wasn't a normal light.

Finally we got closer, closer, and then we were there. I winced at the light, having been mostly blind as it was for... how long? In fact, I fainted, and it was once again like running into a wall of light and sound.

The End

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