This thing RocksMature

Gerda fainted and everyone was shocked. Dilyla froze time.

Dilyla stood up wincing slightly as she did. She walks over to Gerda, kneeling next to her.

She searches his mind. She'll be okay.

"Wow, that hurt" She says rubbing her head she looks around.

Everyone's totally froze.

"Hmm" She looks down at the bracelet bounded to her wrist. Then she walks up to Mr Tomson.

"I may have set this on the role but you were training me for this..... weren't you"

No answer and she didn't want one. She walked towards her friends tapping them sending them back in motion. Iris immediatly runs over and heals Gerda who looks quite dizzy and confused.

She even set Daniel and Elisa back in motion.

"This thing rocks" She says looking at the bracelet with more curiousity.

"I forgot to tell you something as well....... That thing has never been worn before" Daniel says.

"Really?" Dilyla asks confused.

"Yeah, cause if it had.... you wouldn't be..... you're stuck with that thing till the end of time" Daniel says.

"What?" Dilyla shouts. "Your saying I won't die"

"Yep" Daniel holds out his hand to Elisa and she walks into his arms.

"Get out of here quick..... your powers maybe more powerful but it will take a while for you to fully control that power" He says.

Dilyla turns and looks at everyone.

"What the hell are you doing?" She says shocked.

"Teaching them a lesson.... My idea" Nicola says.

They've tied everyone up with rope and have thrown the guns half way across the room.

"May I have the pocket watch back?" Elisa asks.

Gerda hesitate but slowly takes it out and hand it back to Elisa.

"And the book and script" Daniel says. Dilyla hands it over.

"Good bye, young one" then with all the keys they leave.

"Wait.." Gerda says. ".... HOW THE HELL DO WE GET OUT?"

Everyone looks shock. Dilyla winces and a flicker of time moves.

"We need to find a way quick...... I'm losing my grip" She whispers.

The End

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