Time stops just as a bullet cascades to Finlay, it stops not a centimeter from his face. Dilyla looks weaker, as if the secret took more energy than it let on.

"If I were you, Finaly, I would get out of that freakin' bullet's way. Y'know, before time comes back and you get it trough your head." Gerda says, fighting the building furnace inside her. He looks at her gormless and moves quickly out of the way.

Gerda and Kita's heads whirl around to Zoe Kennedy. "Did she just..." Kita starts.

"Blink," Gerda finishes. All seven of them freeze for a minute.

"HIT THE DECK!" Kita and Dilyla scream, they collaspe to the floor. In that instant time comes back, bullets fly over head.

Calm down. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

You okay, Gerda? Dilyla's voice in her head, makes her start.

Not perticulary.

Just keep calm.

Yeah, no shit sherlock.

"Gee," Iris says sliding along the floor to her, she grips her hand trying to calm her down.

"Aww, look at that, it's like yin and yang. How sssweet." Tomson hisses, looking at the girls. "So, tell me Iris, why do you have to calm her? Is it your blood? Your powers? Your trust?

"Something I've never quite gotten is this, what would happen if you weren't there?"

"Did you see the school?" Iris asks anger building up, Gerda has to punch her in the arm. "Sorry, sis."

"Ahh, so you can channel you emotions through her?" Kennedy asks, the knowing already in her soulless eyes.

"Yes, she can." Gerda growls, everybody including Iris looks at her in shock, the control in her voice makes Gerda smile. You can do it! She thinks.

Are you sure? Dilyla asks, pushing herself up slowly.

Absolutly. What can you see my fire combustabilty powers? Amusment plays in her mind's voice.

Fire's too unstable.

Huh. Suites me well then. She laughs out loud. Iris catches her eye, realising that she can do it now, she let's go.

"Oooh, so. The incredible combusting emo-teen-girl is all alone. Aww. Gunna cut your wrists now?" Kennedy mocks.

Gerda smiles smally. "I am. Not. A. Emo!" She jumps up, burning the air flinging her backwards. She giggles manically to herself, "This is gunna be fun."

"Uh-oh." She hears Iris mutter.

"What?" Nicola asks.

"I think she's actually lost it."

"'Lost it'? HA!" Gerda exclaims, "How can you lose something you never had?" She jumps forward, creating a wall of fire. She hears screams from the headteachers minions.

"True." Iris says standing next to her, shaking her head in disbelief as the fire roars in front. Gerda narrows her eyes, concentrating on the flames, dieing them down with her mind.

"Well, I guess my students really were a good bunch." Tomson cracks his neck, drawing the oxygen from Gerda, making her collapse like a dieing flame.


The End

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