No TimeMature

"Wait" Dilyla says suddenly. "I have another idea"

She walked up and put her arm through then almost immediatly yanked it back.

"No time.... no nothing.... there's no future through this door" Dilyla whispers.

Everyone continue to look at the door.

"We should try my idea out" Gerda says finally.

"But Everyone..... don't think of anything bad. No using the Secret or anything" Dilyla says sternly. "...... Lets go"

They thought they would step into darkness as a group but they were totally wrong.

"Gerda.... Iris..... Nicola..... Cadell...... Finlay..... Kita...... Hope....... Anyone" Dilyla shouts.

She looks around at the blackness. No one she was all alone.

Then a image popped up..... No, a real person.

"I am the protector of the Secret..... to whom asks passage through my domain" the boy says sternly.

Dilyla's eyes go wide.

"Daniel Wolf" she whispers. The boy looks shocked at his name.

"How do you......" he voice trails off. "Powers don't work in this place besides  mine"

"Where are my friends?" Dilyla shouts standing straight.

"You have all been seperated.... I chose to speak to you first. For the moment your friends are frozen in there own little space pockets" he says his whole structure become straighter with pride.

"Of course.... thats why this place has no time..... Its only built onn space" Dilyla looks round at the darkness. "And you live here alone"

He flinches. "Not truely......" his voice trails off.

Dilyla pulls the book out from beneath her coat and Daniel's eyes go wide.

"Where did you get that?" he whispers.

"Top shelf of what people like to call the nerd section..... and this" She gets out the script.

Daniel just stares with awe.

"I thought I told her to hide those" he chokes.

"You're talking about Elisa..... where is she?" Dilyla asks. Daniel turns holding out his hand which disappears into darkness.

When he pulls it back through a young girl is gripping it. Probably 19 years old.

"She's pregnant" Dilyla exclaims.

"Who is this?" Elisa asks Daniel. He looks at her wiith such care before turning to look at Dilyla

"You never did say your name" he says raising an eyebrow.

"Dilyla" She says.

"No last name?" Elisa asks. Dilyla shakes her head.

"I'm an orphan sort of...... even though Mr Tomson the head teacher is my guardian, I never took his last name"

Elisa hisses at the name.

"He's the reason we hide here" she almost yells but keeps her volume down. "He tried to take everything from me, my diary, the script, the pocket watch"

She looks up at Daniel that moment.

"We had to leave everything behind" she says sad.

"We're here cause some ones after the Secret..... we just want to know what it is..... We swear not to touch it"Dilyla says quickly.

"If I let you through..... you will have to bear it....... are you willing do that?"

They both look at Dilyla and she starts to feel scared.

"Are you saying that..... I, I mean 'Me' personally have to take up whatever the Secret is?"

"Yes, you have mental abilities right?" Daniel says.

"Yeah, but what does that have to do with it" Dilyla asks.

Now shes began to feel scared.

"The Secret needs a host with the mental capability to hold it..... only you out of the seven that came have a mental ability.... and a pure heart. I mean all of you are pure, all of you'll be able to learn about but only you...... will be able to hold it" Daniel explains.

"What is the Secret?" Dilyla asks.

"Find out for youself" Elisa says.

They step aside and a door opens.

"Go" Elisa whispers smiling. Dilyla nods and walks out through the door taking a last look at the couple before there lost in darkness.

She comes out into a large room with a stand in the middle.

"Ahhh!!" Everyone shouts as they tumble through the door.

Dilyla turns to face them and helps them up.

"What was that place?" Gerda whispers. They all look at the door as its replaced by wall again.

Dilyla stands up and turns to look round at the stand in the middle.

Shining down on it is a beam of light holding a......... bracelet in the air.

"Is that is?" Iris whispers.

Dilyla hardly hears them. The bracelet is pulling at her. Its a silver clasp bracelet, flower embroided with a blue gem in the middle of one.

Dilyla steps towards it.

"Dilyla?" Iris asks.

"I don't think she can hear us" Gerda whispers.

Dilyla hears them step forward and thwack.

"Ouch" Gerda exclaims. "What the hell is that a shield?"

"Dilyla" Finlay shouts. Dilyla hears the banging but she can't walk away from the bracelet.

She reaches the stand and reaches out then..... whosh. Light bursts out.

"Dilyla!" Everyone screams. Rushing feet. Dilyla lies on the floor eyes shut but hearing awake, allowing her to believe she's actually in the room with her powers.

"Is she okay?" Cadell asks.

"I don't know..... Oh my god" Iris whispers. They look at Dilyla's wrist where the bracelet is now bonded to her skin.

"We need to get out of here" Gerda says.

"After you hand over Dilyla" Everyone turns to see Zoe Kennedy standing firm in the door hands on hips....... and Mr Toujours Tomson behind them with gun men.

"I always knew she was special" he says smiling.

The End

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