Gerda and Kita glance to each, both with a knowing in each others eyes.

"Well, isn't that just fan-bloody-tastic!" Nicola exclaims, thrusting his hands into the air, electricity cackles.

Smart. Gerda's mind mutters. Dilyla raises an eyebrow in her direction, Gerda responds by shrugging.

"The darkness can't last forever!" He continues, he steps forward, Gerda and Dilyla reach him at the same time pulling him back.

"Don't believe us?" Gerda says through gritted teeth, how about this, she picks up a rock and drops it. Everyone leans in, to try and hear an echo of it landing on something.


Again, Gerda  and Kita look at each other, both shake their heads as in they hadn't heard anything.

"Ah." Nicola plops himself on a rock. "What do we do now?"

Everyone looks at Dilyla. She frowns in thought. Gerda looks at the darkness for a second, then at the ground, then at Hope, then Cadell and Finaly.

"Dilyla, didn't you say that some are baised on the elemental powers?"

"Yeah, but not all."

"Right." Gerda looks around, finding the watch in the wall, she takes it back. Nothing happens, so she pockets it.

"Where are you going with this?" Kita frowns.

"Well, what if this one does involve our element powers, but it also involves all of yours, too."

Dilyla seems to catch on. "You mean that we can all chip in, you, Kita and Nicola creating light."

She nods, "Finaly using the water in the air, with Cadell assisting they could - theoretically speeking - make it breathable."

"Hope could used the earth to make it safe."

"And you could lead the way with the book."

"Brilliant, but would it work?"

"Only one way to find out..."

The End

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