"Wait a second" Dilyla whispers reaching out and touching and indentation next to the door.

Under it was inscribed writing. Dilyla puts her hand out back.

"Hand me the pocket watch" she says. Gerda hands it over and Dilyla slides it into the slot.

Off to the side a part of the wall slides aside. Dilyla stands up then tilts her head looking at it.

"Great" Nicola stays stepping forward. The passage that had been open first is slammed down by a metal gate. Impaling stakes of metal.

"Just what I thought" Dilyla whispers. She leans down and picks up a rock throwing it through the newly opened downway.

A beem is fired as turns the thing to dust before it hits the floor.

"How the Hell are we going to get anywhere now? And what did you do?" Gerda shouts.

"The first way was a fake, most powers are based on elements apart from a few....... You had to have this pocket watch..... I think Daniel Wolf knew more about Elisa's research than he let on to her. As for the beem, I set it so dark thoughts were around it. That passage is set to not let anyone with a bad intention to go past" Dilyla says as she gets out the diary.

She opens it then flicks through the pages everyone watching.

"Found it" She exclaims then reads the selected part of the entry. "Daniel told me something today. He told me that he knew about the Secret....

I hadn't told him anything about it so I was worried at first. Then he told me that he was a decendant from the protectors of the Secret and he told me that my pocket watch was the key.

He had trusted me with the key to the Secret of why we possess powers. The Key to something that could give someone with magic power over all those who possess it.

He told me that all I needed to do was keep the pocket watch safe and that he would protect me. The key isnt the only thing you need to get through the cavern.... you need a pure heart and intentions"

"Well thats brilliant" Iris exclaims. "How do we get through by thinking of what.... happy things?"

"I don't think thats what it means. I think its saying you can't get through if you mean to use the Secret or have any bad intentions for it" Cadell says.

"I don't want to go down there" Kita whispers looking scared.

"Me neither" Gerda whispers.

"Why?" Dilyla asks tilting her head and looking at them.

"The darkness doesn't end" Kita whispers and Its probably the way she says it that makes everyone look at the passage way and shiver.

The End

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