Cadell: Together, or Not At AllMature

"What!" Cadell exclaimed gawking at Dilya, "Oh no, we are not going in there without you. End of story, goodbye, see you later. If you can't come in, we are turning around and leaving this death trap right now."

This, of course, set the ghosts off like water at an angry cat.

... you cannot shove off your duty!

... you do not have the choice!

... you MUST go through!

... you can't turn back now!

... Coward!

... Fool!

Cadell snarled and shook his head, still glaring defiantly at Dilya. Finlay nodded:

"We can't leave you behind, what if those gunmen get through? And besides, we need you, you said it yourself, we all have to do this together."

"This stupid element crap can go to hell," snarled Nicola.

Dilya rolled her eyes exasperatedly, "Don't you get it? It's not that I won't go through that door, it's that I can't! If you don't, then gods know what will happen when Zoe gets this damned book. Go through or I'll kick your sorry butts through myself!"

"No." replied Cadell, planting his feet firmly and folding his arms, "If you don't go, I won't go either. The other three can do as they like but I won't leave anyone behind. No matter what you or these god-forsaken ectoplasmic prats say. Deal with it."

The End

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